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NOBIS LLC presents The Hard Knocks Schoolhouse to provide law enforcement personnel with a well-rounded, unadulterated, and unconventional training experience that focuses on the realistic approach of conducting criminal investigations, identity management, behavior recognition for law enforcement officers, domain awareness, nonverbal cues and effective interviewing and electronic information security awareness, utilizing proven techniques and tradecraft. Law enforcement has changed more in recent years than ever before. By gaining these toolsets, you will prepare options for your supervision and access resources much more effectively when putting together your investigative and operational plans. The courses we offer are designed to enable you, the law enforcement officer, the ability to better protect yourself, your teammates, and your family so you reach the number one goal at the end of every day ˗ going home safely to your loved ones.


We focus on the good, but primarily on the bad and the ugly. We are represented by some of the most experienced instructors available who have captured lessons learned over a lifetime of working the streets, and they will translate and present them to you. Our instructors at this schoolhouse present case studies and their investigative experiences at numerous law enforcement conferences across the United States and overseas on a regular basis. Our diversity in relation to investigating, narcotics, firearms, gangs, explosives, transnational criminal organizations, home invasions, store fronts, money laundering, and murders for hire will give you a deeper insight into our personal experiences, and of those whom we have worked alongside.

Nobis LLC  also provides training courses for other government agencies and private corporations who are interested in our training courses.


If your government agency  or private corporation is interested in hosting a training course, please

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Non Verbal Cues and Effective Interviewing

13-14 Nov 2019

NCDPS Samarcand Training Facility

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